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      21st Century Leadership Challenges

      主讲人: John Hoffmire

      Research Centre Associate,Centre for Mutualand Employee-owned Business,University of Oxford Director,Centeron Business & Poverty, UW-Madison Academic Division:Saïd Business School,University of Oxford.



      Growth and Globalization —Challenges and Opportunities, and Impact Investing for Individuals and Corporations.To understand the future, we need to look at the past. From the prognostications for the Global Car Market and flying, we have seen the globalization and global leadership benefits and the challenge of emerging risks.
      Business has changed dramatically over the last two decades: Globalization, crossnationalstrategic alliances and mergers, privatizations, outsourcing, information technology innovations, and the increasing short term contract culture have all influenced this. In turn, the role of managers has had to adapt and change. The organizations they work in have changed in size and organizational structure. Ourmanagement style has had to adapt, as the workforce they manage has become more dispersed and come to live in a state of permanent job insecurity. Moreover, the demands placed on managers by change seem a prerequisite, as business continues to develop as rapidly as ever. This volume brings together the thoughts of leading figures from industry, academia, the public sector, professional bodies, and the media, to reflect on what the twenty-first century may mean for businesses and their leaders. The contributors examine what trends the mark the global economy in the twenty-first century, how this will affect businesses, and what will be required in terms of leadership and management to manage effectively? In doing so the presentation and the summer leadership module will cover such topics as leadership, corporate culture, organizational structures, innovation, working life, and management education and the business school. Impact investing is the cutting-edge tool for companies looking to achieve financial, environmental, and societal goals — all at the same time. We expect more leaders in corporations to leverage their companies' resources and competitive advantages through impact investing. In combination with the current state of globalization, what kind of leadership is needed for the challenges of the 21st century?

      时间: 2019-04-15(Monday)14:00-15:30
      地点: D235
      类型: 独立讲座


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